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Figure 14-5.—E1ectronic news gathering (ENG) camera. (CCU),  usually  located  in  the  control  room.  The  CCU consists   of   a   waveform   monitor   (an   oscilloscope   that displays  a  video  signal  graphically),  television  monitor and shading control. Studio cameras are expensive, ranging in price from under $5,000 to more than $100,000. However, the more expensive cameras deliver high-quality images in a variety of production conditions. ENG CAMERA The  electronic  news  gathering  (ENG)  video  camera replaced 16mm motion-picture film for television news in the mid-1970s. The ENG cameras are automated and fully operational  within a  few  seconds after they  are  switched on.  You  can  make  adjustments  to  extreme  production situations quickly and easily. Most   ENG   cameras   weigh   between   six   and   20 pounds, depending on the number of pickup tubes inside the camera. They are powered by batteries, but you may also run them from AC current using an adapter. An ENG camera is shown in figure 14-5. CONVERTIBLE CAMERA Some  of  the  more  expensive  ENG  cameras  maybe converted  from  an  ENG  format  to  a  studio  camera  head with a large viewfinder and advanced zoom lens. In terms of  practicality,  the  convertible  camera  is  tough  to  beat because  you  can  use  the  same  camera  for  two  distinct applications.   For   instance,   you   can   use   a   convertible camera  to  cover  the  11  a.m.  ribbon-cutting  ceremony  at the new Navy Commissary, then connect it  to  a  CCU  in the  control  room  for  the  evening  news  six  hours  later. Furthermore,   the   convertible   camera   is   invaluable   for remote  productions  requiring  several  cameras,  such  as sporting and entertainment events. A convertible camera is shown in figure 14-6. CAMCORDER Unlike  the  standard  ENG  camera,  which  must  be connected  to  the  videocassette  recorder  (VCR)  with  a cable, the camcorder (fig. 14-7) combines a camera and a videocassette in one unit. The camcorder weighs less than an ENG camera and may be operated by one person. This allows increased mobility in tight ENG situations. 14-4


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